Pick any three of our Uber Chic Add-ons with your pup’s Presidential Pooch Package
for just $25 (Reg. $30) and we will throw in a BONUS free Nail Grinding (Reg. $5).

Services We Offer

Breed, Size, Coat, Condition determine Prices

What is included:

  • Warm and Soothing Massage Bath
  • Playful Towel Pat-Down
  • Hand Blow-Dry (Heat-Less) to Wick-a-Way Remaining Moisture and all that Pesky Loose Hair
  • Brush & Fluff for a Perfectly Soft and Shiny Coat
  • Leave in Conditioner to revitalize their coat & skin
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Professional Nail Trim
  • Pawz Trim
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Spritz of Perfume
  • Treats Galore for your Perfect Pooch
Our Professional Grooming Team offers premium, perfect haircuts every time, including your choice of breed specific haircuts or a one-of-a-kind hairdo fitting for your pet’s vibrant personality. Along with the haircut, your pet will be pampered with a warm, soothing massage and bubble bath; after the wash, we have a relaxing towel pat-down. We use a fluff dryer to blowout all the unwanted loose hair, and then brush out and fluff up the coat for a flawless, soft, and shiny coat. This package also includes the nails being trimmed and ears being cleaned. We finish off with a spritz of perfume of your choice and a fancy bandana or bow!
Our de-shedding treatment helps reduce excessive shedding while promoting healthier skin. We use a specially-made low shed shampoo and conditioner to help loosen up the undercoat, becoming easily removable with our high-velocity dryer. We then spend extra time brushing out any leftover loose hair. This treatment really does a wonderful job at combating shedding as well as promoting healthy fur growth!
Our Deluxe Treatment added to any bath or haircut covers all your dog’s specific needs in one convenient package. You are given a choice of three items from our list of special treatments that will specifically meet your dog’s individualized needs. If you dog has sensitive skin or allergies, we have a variety of soothing hypoallergenic, organic, environmentally friendly shampoos and conditioners. The proper shampoo and conditioner for your dog’s skin needs will help soothe and revitalize your dog’s skin and coat. This package also includes a complimentary Nail Grinding to smooth out those sharp edges on their nails that might scratch you during play time or cuddle time.

Uber Chic Add-ons

Value Menu - $10 each:

Your choice of one of our special shampoos. Including skin relief, dandruff control, oatmeal, etc.
We offer a protein enriched, blueberry and yogurt moisturizing conditioner that nourishes the coat and skin. This conditioner restores proper oil levels within the skin and the Greek yogurt feeds protein to the hair follicles. This refined balance of strength and moisture to keep their coat at its best.
Our Moisturizing Conditioners are very soothing to dry, flaky skin, leaving the coat and dermis of your pet healthy, lustrous, and luxuriously silky.
Our Blueberry Facial Scrub is a light cleanser that soothes and balances. It has natural exfoliating and hydrating properties. With a fresh scent of blueberry it effectively removes dirt and lightens tear stains, but is gentle enough to not sting your pup’s eyes!
Nail grinding helps round off sharp edges from your pooch’s nails after receiving a nail trim. Highly recommended, as it prevents your pet’s nails from scratching and damaging wooden floors, leather furniture, and most importantly, YOU! Nail Grinding also helps file the nail down closer to the quick than is possible with just a regular nail trim, leaving the nail shorter and time between Nail Trims longer!
Oral care is important for your four legged friends. We use enzymatic, chicken-flavored toothpaste to help break down plaque and tartar buildup on their teeth while giving your pet a treat at the same time! The products we use also kill the germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis. Our final step is to coat their teeth in a protective layer so they can continue to have clean teeth and “close up” fresh breath every day!
Massage and moisturize your dog’s pads! Our products help restore damaged pads due to harsh elements such as hot sidewalks, cement, or rough terrain. This will help restore their dry, cracked, chapped or calloused pads. We use a non-petroleum based moisturizing cream, which means it is quick absorbing, fast acting, and non-greasy.
Get rid of unwanted pests with our Flea and Tick shampoo. Our Citrus-scented, organic Flea and Tick bath will kill ticks (which cause Lyme disease and other illnesses), and rids your pets of fleas! This is not a preventative, however it will rid your dog of any unwanted hitchhikers they may have picked up!
Leave it to our groomers to handle the dirty business. We will gently express your pups glands as pup gland expression helps to keep them regular as many pups can have problems expressing their own glands themselves. This helps prevent bacteria from forming and causing an infection or other medical problems.
For a special occasion or just for the everyday fancy pooch, we offer nail polish in a number of colors that will surely fit your pup and their colorful personality!
Presidential Pooch Package Prices
Toy (up to 10lbs.) $42.00 & up
Small (11 – 25lbs.) $46.00 & up
Medium (26 – 45lbs.) $53.00 & up
Large (46 – 65lbs.) $61.00 & up
XL (66 – 90lbs.) $71.00 & up
Jumbo (91lbs plus) $84.00 & up

*All prices are estimates until we are able to see the size (in lbs) of each pet, their coat type (length and thickness), coat condition, services requested, services rendered, temperament, and health related special accommodations.
*A per appointment convenience fee is applied to all appointments that are not scheduled as part of our exclusive Community Palz program.
*One fee for an unlimited amount of pets* This fee starts at $10 and is area specific. Please see the Service Area portion of our website for more details.