About the Groomer

My name is Nichole Munday and I have been a Professional Dog & Cat groomer for 17 years. I have a Cocker Spaniel named Bell, Doberman named Quest and two Half Arabians named Moe and Skyler. I’ve grown up with horses and have owned and shown them my whole life.
Dogs and horses are a huge part of my life and on top of that I’m also a military spouse, so I have had the luxury to groom all over the U.S.
When I began grooming I never thought it would be my forever career. I grew up with cocker spaniels and my mom would never do their fancy haircut. However, my childhood horse trainer, who raised and showed dogs, handed me a grooming book and off I went to do a cocker cut on my dog Lucy Bell. It was a little rough to start out, but we learned together.
At the time I was in college and thought my path ahead was very clear on what I was going to be. Well, that turned around when my husband joined the Army and college became too hard to manage with constantly moving. So I pushed harder into grooming and learned from many amazing groomers and they pushed me higher and higher into my profession.